Photography coverage

We don’t just shoot your wedding; we pride ourselves in customer service excellence too.

You and your wedding are important to us.

You are more than just a number to us. We passionately devote ourselves to your wedding day. You will receive only the highest quality service, products, attention to detail, photography, and aftercare we would want for ourselves.

We won’t take over your wedding day. We want to tell your story, not be the story ourselves.

Photography coverage

Working hard to be the very best

Just shooting one wedding a day, we have a work hard attitude, leaving nothing on the table in terms of effort or creativity. We are passionate about what we do, and only interested in providing the best of the best.

For all weddings

  • You will receive proper paperwork, including contracts, invoices, sales orders, and receipts
  • Elizabeth will be in full communication with you before and after your wedding
  • We are full time; our office is open for communication with wedding clients all year round
  • FREE pre-wedding meeting at your hotel or accommodation
  • FREE luxury transportation for Bride and Groom to photoshoots (if required)
  • FREE online delivery of small images
  • FREE drone (if safe to use and practically possible)
  • FREE bespoke designed Crystal Wedding USB drive, worth £100, delivered to your home
  • No travelling expenses charged for any part of Cyprus
  • All RAW unedited files backed up, both on and offsite
  • All delivered images are hand edited, airbrushed, and finished, ready to print
  • A handy set of small social media ready photographs
  • A set of large high resolution, full sized, print ready photographs
  • FREE online gallery containing all the fully edited images
  • FREE blog posts
  • We back up all finished photographs, both on and off site


We are artists, relishing new locations, people, and ideas. We hate shooting the same thing repeatedly. At every wedding we bring new fresh ideas. We create unique, beautiful wedding artworks that tell your story.

Photography coverage


We are specialists at shooting during the evening and night-time. It’s when we shoot some of the most emotive, fun, expressive wedding photographs.

Style. Photojournalist, observational wedding photography

Our style is honest, real, and observational.

Expect strong compositions, genuine emotions, authentic expressions, and lots of energy.

As photojournalists, we tell it how it is, in real time, without the awkward poses, or taking over your day. You won’t know we took the shot most of the time.

Photography coverage


Instead of rushing things out, we put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into postproduction, taking the time to airbrush and finish every single delivered image properly.

Every photograph we hand finish every photograph, so it is ready to print. We don’t use Instagram like filters and presets. Everything won’t have the “it looks like film” green tint, instead we take lots of time and care to get things right. Our look is timeless and ignores the latest fads.

Wedding art. From £1675

Photography is not supposed to be hidden away on a USB. It is supposed to be printed, looked at. Artworks that are put on the wall and seen every day. Albums that take you right back to your happiest moments.

We create long-lasting memories of your family’s important moments that last a lifetime and beyond.

Photography coverage


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Wall art collections


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