Amazing night-time wedding photographs

Have you noticed most wedding photographers finish at the first dance? We are unique. Why? We specialise in shooting at night.

When most photographers have gone home, we are exploiting the creative opportunities that abound during the evening and night-time. 

Photographing weddings, and wedding couples, during the evening and night, opens doors to a whole range of exceptional photography opportunities.

Amazing night-time wedding photographs

Why shoot at night at all?

Shooting during the evening and night-time adds a different dimension to your wedding photography. Night-time photographs are more intense. When it is dark, we don’t capture everything around us. We can pick things out with our lighting.

When the party is in full swing, and everyone has relaxed, we are shooting images full of energy, excitement, expressions, feelings, movement, and emotions.

Away from the party, the night-time is a photographic creative playground waiting for us to come and create epic couple shots of you both.

Amazing night-time wedding photographs

Day vs Night

In the daytime, as wedding photographers, we are often taming the harsh sunlight, which bathes everything in strong, even light.

During the day, the colour palette of what’s around us is uniform.

The transition through the Golden hour, Sunset, and Blue hour is where we get a massive explosion of colours in the sky. The whole emphasis of the landscape, sky, and subject shifts dramatically. Shooting during this change in light is wonderful. Every single photograph is different.

After the sun has gone, we are in the world of moonlight, stars, and artificial lighting. We can control what is and isn’t lit. This is creative photography gold.

Amazing night-time wedding photographs


Above we mentioned shooting during the Golden hour, Sunset and Blue hour.

Later in the evening, it gets much darker. When it is dark, we get a unique type of photograph. The sky is black. Artificial lighting picks out buildings and objects. We can add our own lighting. There are striking reflections in pools. We can do creative magic with the lights used in your venue. 

We are lucky to have Elizabeth, a very experienced ex-wedding planner. 

Trust Elizabeth with the timings of things. We aim to deliver stunning photography with the minimum of impact on your day. It’s a discussion we need to have before the wedding to make sure we are giving you what you want.

Amazing night-time wedding photographs

Make time

A couple of short slots in the evening is often all it takes. We will prepare for the night shoot, setting up lighting beforehand, and then slip you away from the reception for a moment.

To exploit the entire change in light, from day to night, without thinking about timelines, logistics, and guests, consider our 2-day package.  

Amazing night-time wedding photographs


Every location presents creative photo opportunities we didn’t have during the daytime.

We often find them at your venue, or a quick journey away. We just need to plan to slot them into your timeline.

Amazing night-time wedding photographs


We can turn mundane locations into incredible compositions at night.

Our specialist lighting can add focus in the shot on you, while we dial in or out the rest of the surrounding light.

A corridor with down lighters suddenly has strong converging lines of light. A dark unlit pool becomes an enormous mirror, a dark empty hotel reception becomes a room full of colourful angular panels. It’s no wonder, as creative photographers, we love the evening and night-time.

Amazing night-time wedding photographs

We get stunning locations to ourselves

During the evening and night, we find incredible deserted spaces, both indoors and outdoors, with nobody else around but us!

We were recently at a popular sunset location, which was really milling with people. The moment the sun set, they all went. We stayed put for an extra ten minutes, and had the entire landscape to ourselves, not a person in sight!

Amazing night-time wedding photographs

Wedding photography creative bucket list

You bet we have!

We have a list of night-time photographs that are on our creative bucket list, all planned and ready for the right couple.

If you guys are up for creating a 100% unique, epic wedding photograph, let’s get talking.

Amazing night-time wedding photographs

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