How to get epic wedding sunset photographs

Couple’s love on location sunset photographs. As Cyprus wedding photographers, we are blessed to shoot in some of the most fantastic locations. There are absolutely stunning sunsets here.

How to get epic wedding sunset photographs

An incredible experience

We will whisk you off to the chosen sunset location in comfort and style, in our luxury transportation, a beautiful S-class Mercedes limousine.

This is the time of the day you get to chill and be away from your guests. Couples love this, they relax so much; they get a bit of time alone and look so happy.

Often we plan the shoot to take in several great locations, before arriving at the chosen spot for the sunset shoot.


If you want an epic sunset shoot, the first thing you need to get right is the timeline. 

There are two things in the wedding day timeline that we can’t move, the time of the ceremony, and when the sun sets.

Sunset may clash with your wedding breakfast. If you want a sunset shoot, you need to get the timeline sorted out early in your wedding planning process to ensure things run smoothly. Elizabeth, our resident wedding planning expert, is a timeline genius. Contact her for help here.

How to get epic wedding sunset photographs
Sunset over the shipweck, Paphos wedding sunset photograph

When is sunset?

The actual time of the sunset in Cyprus changes throughout the year, so the first thing to do is check when sunset is. You can either Google the time of sunset for your wedding date and location or ask us. We will look the date up for you and let you know. You need to know that normally we plan to be shooting about 20-30 mins either side of the sunset time itself.

The best time to shoot

Wedding photographers talk about “Golden hour”, “Sunset” and “Blue Hour”. During this time of the day, the light is changing all the time, and is fantastic to work with.

The golden hour is an hour before sunset, and the blue hour is the half an hour after sunset. If there were no timeline considerations, we would shoot all the way through this block of time. Of course, schedules never allow this.

How to get epic wedding sunset photographs
Shilouette under a Juniper tree – Wedding sunset photograph

Other timing considerations

Remember when planning your timeline, that you need to account for: leaving the guests, popping to the loo, getting to the car, driving to the location (if it isn’t at your venue), setting up, the shoot itself, and then getting back.

On your wedding day, or on a different day?

If you don’t fancy leaving your guests, or your schedule doesn’t work out, we have great news. You don’t need to miss out. 

Many couples book our two-day package, where we deliberately make the time on a day after the wedding, to have an extended shoot in the afternoon and evening, taking in lots of locations, the Golden hour, Sunset and the Blue Hour, along with some night shots too.

You get the chance to get all dressed up again, and we have an absolute ball. No guests, no rushing back, lots of fun and fabulous photographs!

How to get epic wedding sunset photographs
On the rocks – Sirens Beach, Ayia Thekla – Wedding sunset photograph


This one is where you need to trust our experience. Some parts of Cyprus don’t see a sunset.

For example, in Protaras, the sun sets behind an inland mountain. Here, we fix this by driving about 20 minutes to Cape Greco. We will advise you about this. Meanwhile, at some wedding venues, we can just nip out the back onto the beach or rocks without traveling at all.

We have scouted out the best sunset locations all over the island, and some picturesque spots to shoot at on the way too. We will work with you to plan an exceptional shoot that works with your timeline.

Thinking outside of the box

There is a tendency for sunset shoots to end up on the beach, or overlooking the sea, but if you don’t want this, we can easily organise something inland, taking in the fantastic scenery we have here in Cyprus.

You can have your sunset shoot in the mountains, on a boat, in the city… Pretty much anywhere!

How to get epic wedding sunset photographs
Sail away – Blue hour wedding sunset photograph

Footwear and safety

We are very safety conscious. We want you to have a lovely, joyful experience. So, remember that we may go onto the beach, over wet rocks, loose gravel, uneven ground, or even into caves.

You both need something sensible to wear on your feet. You can swap back into the pretty shoes when we are at the location. If there is a hoop in your dress to lift the trail up, you will need to know how to find it.

Looking after your guests

If you are going on location for an hour or so, you need to think about what your guests are doing. We wrote a page all about this.

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