“Everything we do is to provide you with an extraordinary experience, and incredible memories that you will love, cherish and share.”

We are a husband-and-wife team, based full time here in Cyprus. Richard is a fully qualified professional photographer. Elizabeth deals with communications and customer service.

You deserve the very best experience, customer service, and of course stunning photography. From the ground up, we work tirelessly to make sure you get the best of the best.

We promise to give you the very best in photography, videography, albums, service, and experience.

Richard shoots authentic, observational, storytelling photography, seeking genuine, intimate moments. His work has a strong artistic style, a sense of place and personality, oozing emotion and energy.

Elizabeth was one of the top wedding planners in the UK, and brings a wealth of experience, along with a total understanding of the needs of Brides and Grooms.

The unique combination we have between us ensures that you will receive magical imagery and extraordinary customer care and service.

We are both really looking forward to hearing all about your wedding plans.


What to expect artistically

We capture the REAL YOU. No cheese, no mocked-up shots, no awkward poses.

Forget Instagram filters, the fake washed out film look, and unromantic poses of you purposefully looking in different directions–we do not do that. This year’s fad will look dated next year.

Shooting your day as it unfolds means we barely pose anything.  Were about genuine emotions and authentic storytelling. 

Creatively we never stand still, always pushing both artistically and technically.

Every wedding photograph is carefully and tastefully edited. Elizabeth has a feminine view on the photography and has a strong input during editing.


Creative bucket list

If you are an adventurous sort, and happy to put the time in to get something unique, ask Richard about the shots on his photographic bucket list!   He has a very creative list of shots that nobody else has photographed before! 


Richard describes his style as honest, strong, authentic, and observational.  On the day he will capture genuine expressions, laughter, emotions, and feelings. 

What he captures has a clear artistic voice in terms of composition, colour, form, shape, shade and light.  He sees beyond the people he is shooting, carefully framing them within the surroundings.


Customer service

Elizabeth works full time, ensuring we provide an extraordinary level of customer service.  Elizabeth will be in full communication with you right up to your wedding and beyond. 

Expect great paperwork, attention to detail, contracts, receipts.  We take the time to meet all couples before their wedding, so on the day, we know exactly what is happening, and you know what we are going to be doing as well.


Work ethic

We have a “work hard, do not cut corners, strive to be the very best” philosophy.  We take time to get things done right. 

Getting things done right takes a tremendous amount of effort.  That is what you are paying for!

We do not do lazy photography.  We work very hard on the day of the wedding, and very hard afterwards too.  Your wedding is full of vibrant colours, subtle shades, and textures, so why take the path of many photographers, who obliterate them with a washed-out filter? 

We spend every grain of our energy getting things done right.


Rockstar photographers

Refreshingly so, we are not attention seeking “Rockstar photographers”. We do not need to take selfies with you, or rush to post a badly edited same day photograph from your wedding in the weird belief that that makes us look good.

On the day, our focus is only on you, we pour 100% of our effort into doing a fantastic job for you, and only you.  Instead of posting up selfies and “today’s rushed wedding photo” we spend our time after your wedding properly backing up your photographs, both on and off site.

Our view is that our work, and your wedding is not about us, it is all about you!


Now booking weddings all over Cyprus, from 2023 onwards

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