Wedding albums. From £700

After the hectic events leading up to your wedding day become a distant memory, your wedding albums and folio boxes remain as an enduring reminder of your wedding and love for each other.

Wedding albums. From £700

Telling your story magically, albums and folio boxes are a time machine that transport you right back to the happiest moments of your lives.

Truly a family heirloom, that let you share your story with your grandparents, children, and grandchildren.

We only use the highest quality products we can find, the best of the best available worldwide.

The Basileos Book. From £700

The Basileos Book is made from the best archival quality materials available, hand crafted by Italian artisans.

The Basileos Book is a timeless, understated yet classy design.

We will layout the pages of your stunning album by hand to reflect your wedding, and fully involve you in the design process too.

Wedding albums. From £700

A beautiful album that looks perfect in any décor.

You have the option to add a media screen within the lid which can play either your slideshow or short wedding video.

The Luxury Story Book. From £1200

The highest quality albums, created using only the best archival standard materials.

Everything about your wedding album is bespoke, just for you.

You’ll have a huge choice of album cover materials and colour options to choose from, including metal, acrylic, leather, linen, and wood.

Inside, you have choices for the finish, and papers used for the album pages. You also have options for the presentation box, materials, and designs.

Wedding albums. From £700

This is a totally creative experience, where you are 100% involved in creating a truly bespoke product.

Just like The Basileos Book, you will be fully involved with the design of the page layout.

Parent albums. £200

Parent albums are an ideal thank you gift for parents or people close to you.

Wedding albums. From £700

A pair of stunning hard backed books, with the same number of sides and interior design layout as The Basileos Book, or The Luxury Story Book.

Size: 20×15 cm

Album sizings for The Basileos Book and The Luxury Story Book

30×20 cm (portrait when closed), opens out to 30×40 cm double-page spreads
20×30 cm (landscape when closed), opens out to 20×60 cm double-page spreads
20×20 cm (square when closed), opens out to 20×40 cm double-page spreads

35×25 cm (portrait when closed), opens out to 35×50 cm double-page spreads
25×35 cm (landscape when closed), opens out to 25×70 cm double-page spreads
25×25 cm (square when closed), opens out to 25×50 cm double-page spreads

40×30 cm (portrait when closed), opens out to 40×60 cm double-page spreads
30×40 cm (landscape when closed), opens out to 30×80 cm double-page spreads
30×30 cm (square when closed), opens out to 30×60 cm double-page spreads

45×35 cm (portrait when closed), opens out to 45×70 cm double-page spreads
35×45 cm (landscape when closed), opens out to 35×90 cm double-page spreads
35×35 cm (square when closed) opens out to 35×70 cm double-page spreads
Our album packages include a 30-page standard size Basileos Book. 

Wedding albums. From £700

Number of pages, spreads, and sides

A double-page spread is what you see when you open a book, 2 sides, next to each other.

Album designs always start and finish with a double-page spread. The albums included in packages have 30 printed sides, with the option of adding multiples of 10 extra sides. When we say an album has 30 sides, we will design 15 double-page spreads with your wedding photography on.

The Basileos Book, and The Luxury Story Book can hold between 30 and 110 sides.


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