How many hours of coverage do we need?

We recommend shooting a minimum of at least two hours before a wedding. Those two hours are very full and busy. Of course, what’s best depends on the timings and location of getting ready, hair and makeup. 

We have 3 packages: the “Short day”, “All day, as long as it takes” and our “Full luxury experience”.

Short day – Six-hours of coverage

You can use the six-hour package as you require. Most couples book this for evening weddings, i.e., ceremonies between 5-6.00pm.   

For example, for a 5.00pm wedding, we would normally start at 3.00pm and finish at 9.00pm. This would work if everything were in the same location.

This normally allows us enough time to capture some of the getting ready through to the first part of the evening party. If you are getting ready earlier in the day, or need us to cover more of the party, then book the “All day as long as it takes” package. 

How many hours of coverage do we need?

All day, as long as it takes

When we shoot “All day, as long as it takes”, we start with the Bridal party, just as the hair and makeup starts, and finish at the end of the night when the party is over! We cover everything. No other photographer offers coverage like this in Cyprus!

Full luxury experience

Exactly the same as our “All day as long as it takes package”, but we take on an extended location photoshoot (usually for about six hours), on a day after your wedding.

Couples asked for a package like this, we created it, and it has become our most popular package.

You get dressed up again; we pick you up, and take you to some fabulous locations for an epic, luxurious photoshoot experience. This package delivers awesome photographs. We work with you to plan a one in a lifetime experience, without the constraints of guests and wedding timelines.

This package deals with all the timeline issues that a wedding day throws at you. It allows you to have a totally relaxed wedding day, and still have epic location photoshoots, without needing to leave your guests on your wedding day.

How many hours of coverage do we need?

We need some help to decide

If you need some help, click on the live chat to speak with Elizabeth, who will happily work through your timings and advise what will work best for you. 


You can create your own coverage package to include as many hours as you need on the interactive booking form. Click through to each package to see what is included.


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