20 reasons why we are different to other Cyprus wedding photographers

1. You get an epic experience

Going out of our way, to go above and beyond, we will give you a truly fantastic experience, unique to your personalities as a couple. We love shooting weddings and will do whatever it takes to make your day amazing, whilst giving you the most incredible memories.

2. A destination photographer, like your local photographer, but better!

We have deliberately set ourselves up to give you an experience, just as if you were working with an excellent local photographer. We are contactable, supply proper paperwork, contracts, invoices, and receipts. The only difference is you won’t need to fly a local photographer to Cyprus. Of course, you will get an extraordinary level of service and quality at the same time. 

3. When we deliver your photography, it will be to your door, back at home. 

When you choose us, you won’t need to worry about the weight of an album in your suitcase or damaging it on the way home. We deliver albums, prints and wall art right to your home.

4. You are fully involved with album design and proofing

Because we’re not rushing an album out to you before you leave Cyprus, we can fully include you in the design and proofing process for albums and other products.

5. We only supply world class products

Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your lives. You will have spent years dreaming about it and planning it to perfection. Our job is to provide you with long-lasting memories of your day. That’s why we involve you with all the choices and designs, and then supply the very finest products available worldwide, handcrafted with love, care, and attention to detail. Don’t put up with inferior quality albums, folio boxes, wedding art, wall art and prints, made so quickly you have had no chance to have any input in the choice of images or design.

6. We never rush or cut corners

Providing high-quality wedding photography and videography isn’t something that can be rushed. Same day, next day or fast – simply means corners are being cut. You don’t deserve this for a once in a lifetime wedding.

You are paying for our time and skill. It speaks volumes, that we spend more time backing up your precious wedding photographs than some photographers spend editing them. We are only interested in being the best, and delivering the best, not being the fastest.

7. Available and contactable

You will find it refreshingly different that we are open all year round and are always available to respond to you during reasonable office hours.

8. Not boxed into someone else’s packages

Many venues, planners and tour operators have very attractive all-in wedding packages that include photography and videography. Since they usually put together these packages at a “low fixed price”, from a photography and videography point of view, what they include is very thin, with limited options.

To survive, most package photographers and videographers shoot multiple weddings a day, don’t have time to breathe, cut corners and have to supply very cheap products. From a photographer’s point of view, this is a creative race to the bottom.

You deserve better for your wedding day, which is why we are not part of any all-in packages. 

As independent photographers, we only shoot one wedding a day, are totally focussed on you, spend enough time to do a fantastic job, without cutting corners, whilst working with the very best equipment and products available.

9. You are in the middle of everything we do

You are the reason we do this, which is why we put your needs in the middle of everything we do. We don’t work for anyone else; we work for you! Our entire focus is on providing you with the best of the best. The best experience, photography, videography, products, and memories.

10. Strong creative style

You are booking us because you love our photography, our unique style, which has taken years to fine tune.

We are not swayed by this year’s fad. The last fad was the “earthy brown” filter, which now looks dated. This year’s fad is light-n-airy, with a green film tinge. Guess what, next year, that look will be dated too, replaced with another Instagram like filter.   

Our style is timeless, strong, creative, realistic, rammed full of raw emotions, genuine expressions, and feelings. If you want lots of forced, posed shots, we are not the photographers for you. Expect strong compositions, great use of light, lighting, colour, and attention to detail too.

11. We hand edit every single image

Simply… We put the work in, lots of it. We don’t just fully edit only the album images, or the ones that are put on a blog post, we fully edit every delivered wedding photograph. We partially edit images, and ask you to choose what you want, or charge more for editing.

Forget Instagram like filters or using the same “it apparently looks like film” filter on every image, regardless of lighting, time of day. Instead, we take an artistic creative approach, hand editing every delivered image professionally. We sweat on the small details.

Instead of rushing an edit on a cheap laptop, we have a professional edit suite, with top end colour calibrated monitors and workstations.

12. Free luxury transportation

Yes FREE. We use our top end S-Class Mercedes Limousine, to take couples to location shoots. There is plenty of room in the back for the biggest dress too!

13. Free face to face pre-wedding planning meeting

To make sure we understand your needs, to run through the day, and to get comfortable with each other, we come and meet you at your hotel or villa before your wedding. We cover so much ground in these meetings; they are invaluable. We can’t believe that most photographers don’t do this. 

14. Full-time professional photographers and videographers with a full-time office

We live and work here full time in Cyprus, shooting professional photography and videography all year round. There is no “Half a year off” for us. 

We understand that couples need to contact us both in and out of the season, or if we are on a shoot or not. That’s why our office is open all year round during regular office hours.

15. Work hard attitude

Our attitude isn’t to do enough to just get the job done. Our attitude is to do the very best job possible, no matter how hard it is, or how much work needs putting in.

16. Unique packages

Our “All day, as long as it takes” package is literally the whole day, no clock watching, no time limits. No other photographer we know of offers this package on the Island of Cyprus.

You will notice that the number of edited images we deliver is very generous compared to other photographers’ packages.

17. We love shooting at night

When other photographers have typically gone home, we are still shooting. Have you noticed how most photographers’ packages stop at the first dance?

Shooting at night is when we can get especially creative. Shooting at night is our specialty. You love those huge dramatic night shots. You love it when we capture the energy of the party; we love shooting them.

18. We use lighting, and anything else available

As photographers and videographers, on a wedding day we shoot in great light, no light, poor light, difficult light, mid-day sun, sunset, night-time, blue hour, under moonlight, indoors, outdoors, artificial light…

There isn’t a wedding day where we don’t need to use some type of lighting to bring certain situations to life and tame the ambient light. Using lighting is a creative option too.

Some photographers are “natural light” photographers, usually the lack of lighting really shows too. We are “available light photographers” and we make sure there is a lot of lighting readily available in our car boot.

19. We love shooting at new venues and locations

We don’t need the comfort of shooting in the same venue repeatedly. We like to keep things fresh and interesting. When we shoot at a venue again, we always do something different.

Of course, at a new venue, on a practical note, we always check the lay of the land. However, we shoot locations uniquely with each couple. Discovering a location in real time with a couple suits our observational style, so much so that we don’t even check out photographs from other weddings at the same venues. That’s one reason our work looks so unique, fresh, and different.

20. The team boss – No one else has Elizabeth!

A highly experienced high-end wedding planner rounds off our team. Elizabeth manages everything, including administration, logistics and communications. Elizabeth understands weddings backwards, forwards and sideways, and is here to help you with timelines and questions. Even when we are shooting a wedding, Elizabeth is here to answer your questions about your wedding.