Guide for backing up your wedding photographs and videography

You have received a beautiful USB with your wedding videography and photography on, and you want to know how to look after your precious memories.

Guide for backing up your wedding photographs and videography

CD’s didn’t last forever
Can you remember when computer files were saved on a CD? Can you open one now? It’s not likely you can open a CD on a computer now. First, they just deteriorated or got scratched. Second, new computers don’t have CD drives. 

Only ten years ago, wedding photographers were providing Brides and Grooms with CDs for wedding photographs, and that is why you need to back up your wedding photographs properly.

What you need to do
There are a few simple rules for backups if you want to be 100% sure your images are being looked after long term.

  • Backups need to be checked
  • You need at least three backups on different devices
  • Backups need to be in at least three locations 
  • Remember to regularly check backups
  • Long term you need to make new copies of your backups

Let’s look at this in detail

Backups need to be checked
This means you need to check that each video and image file opens, works correctly, and looks perfect.  The file sizes are the same and you have the same number of files.

Three backups on different devices
This could simply be, another USB drive, your laptop, and your mum’s PC.  However, also consider Cloud storage (Google Drive for example).

Three locations
Imagine if you have a flood at home, and your laptop was waterlogged.  You are going to be so relieved that you kept a spare USB with your wedding photography and videography in your office draw at work. This is where backing up into three locations is smart. 

Ideally one location ought to be out of the country. Fortunately, getting out of country storage is now really easy with online storage in the cloud.  There are many free and cheap providers, including Microsoft and Google.

Regular checks
Pop a note in your diary, on your wedding anniversary. Check that you can open and use all your backed-up wedding photographs and video files.  Remember the scratched CD problem, assume that all forms of digital storage, including hard drives and USB drives will eventually fail.

New copies
When you get a new laptop, or computer, make new copies of your files. Over the years, move the media on to whatever is current. We can’t open CDs now, so it’s fair to say we won’t be able to open USB’s in 15 years’ time.

Final thoughts
Get your photographs printed! We want you to be enjoying your photographs for generations. 

If you have questions, or just want some advice, drop us a line. We are here to help.

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