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The love story

Marie-Chantal & George met in a bar in Vancouver, where George visited once a month for work. Marie-Chantal then moved to France. Later, they both went to a party and met again, finding out that they had lots of friends in common. The couple now live in Vancouver.

An international wedding with family and guests from all over the world, meeting together on a beautiful early summer day in Cyprus, where the couple had a modern fairytale wedding.

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The day begun at the chic, modern MAP Boutique Hotel, where Marie-Chantal and all of her bridesmaids were in a huge suite. The hair and makeup teams were in full swing.

George, the groom, was getting ready at his parents’ home in Nicosia. A family send off, full of food, music, dancing and tradition.

Food was prepared by Georges mother and some of the ladies, which as per usual for Cypriots was was amazing and plentiful. Georges mother does not take no for an answer either!

Allamata of the groom

Marie-Chantal went for the modern European option of getting ready with her bridesmaids in the peace of a hotel suite. George opted for the busier traditional Cypriot groom preparations in his family home.

To the sound of a lute, and a violin, playing traditional wedding songs, including to stolisma tis niffis and h milia, the groom was then shaved by his koumbaros (best man). A beautiful moment, where the family say goodbye to the groom.

Zosimo (ζώσιμο), the red scarf blessing

The grooms family and groomsmen, then performed the red scarf blessing, a traditional sacred ceremony. This begun with the female family members dancing around him with his clothes, laid out on a flat wicker basket, adorned with a red scarf. The next part of the ceremony is the stolisma – which means adornment, the groom then is dressed by the koumbaros and family.

Away from the food, music and ceremony at the Groom’s parents’ home, Marie-Chantal was finalising her preparations with her bridesmaids. Later, the bride gave her bridesmaids’ gifts. The girls were having so much fun!

Archangel Michael // Metochi Kykkou – The wedding

The groom and the guests had now all collected at the church, waiting for the bride. George’s face when he first saw Marie-Chantal in her beautiful dress was priceless.

The wedding was beautiful, a traditional Greek orthodox ceremony, full of symbolism. The couple chose to walk in together, then the ceremony begun.

The rings were exchanged, then the couple adorned with the stefana – orthodox wedding crowns, tied together with a ribbon that will never be parted. The crowns symbolise each-others lives. After the communion, the couple are led by the priest three times around the alter, symbolising the Trinity.

Placed with the stefana were 33 (an odd indivisible number of) sugar-coated almonds, representing fertility and new life the couple now have. The number representing that the couple can now never be divided or separated.

Once the ceremony was over, confetti and rice was thrown. Some of the men, in loud Cypriot style, let off flares at the exit of the church. The celebratory tone for the rest of the day and night had now been set!

Chateau Status – the reception

We have never had to go through passport control to get to a wedding venue! Chateau Status is an unusual venue, it sits in the buffer zone, between the two sides of Cyprus. It is a venue steeped in history and character. It seems, in the buffer zone, you can also party there really late, as the normal rules don’t seem to apply!

The evening was just wonderful. Alongside their close families, Marie-Chantal & George received their guests, who then mingled during the cocktail reception, in a lovely walled garden.

Later they located to the main reception area, which looked absolutely spectacular. Looking even more spectacular was Marie-Chantal, now rocking the most stunning short evening dress. There was a party vibe from the get go with Marie-Chantal & George dancing in, the cutting of the cake, all backdropped by fabulous lighting and fireworks, followed by everyone breaking into dance.

After the speeches, amazing meal, and the first dance, the party kicked off.

We always say a great DJ, brings the evening alive, and in this case, a huge shout out to DJ Petros Sophoclides, who set the party on fire. We finished shooting at about 3.00 am!


Marie-Chantal & George – it was our total pleasure to be a part of your special day. You are blessed with such a wonderful family and friends. We wish you the very best in your married lives together.

Kind wishes for the future.

Richard and Elizabeth King, and the team at The Cyprus Wedding Photographer.

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