Columbia Beach Hotel Wedding Photographer

14th March 2016 Pissouri Wedding Venues

The Columbia Beach Hotel in Pissouri is nestled in the hills and bay above the beach that has a beautiful pebbled beach.  The hotel has a church and is laid out like lots of little apartments in a village. The sun sets over the sea, and there are lots of pools and greenery.  All Saints Chapel is a small, Bijoux, traditional chapel on the grounds of the hotel that allows outdoor weddings.

As a professional Cyprus Wedding Photographer, I love the closeness to the sea, and the elevation over the sea.  With venues that have a lot of changes in height, there is the opportunity to approach shots with differing angles.  The combination of grass, sea, beach, pools,  trees, and sunsets, make this hotel an attractive wedding destination.

Dont forget to book a sunset shoot, and a trash the dress shoot!