Meet Richard, the Cyprus Wedding Photographer

I love Jazz, technology, animals, physics, modern art, cooking, optics, being outdoors (especially with the dogs), travelling, experiencing different cultures, food and music.

I’m married to Elizabeth, and we run the business together. Elizabeth is an organised wedding planner type, she keeps me organised with those lists… Just what is it with ladies and their lists?

Photography has always been a huge part of my life; I shoot all sorts of cameras – film, digital, large and small… anything that will get me the photograph in my head. Besides shooting weddings, I have shot for magazines, books, catalogues, lifestyle features, charities and events.

Forgetting photography, I’m one of those hands on practical do anything types of people, I thrive on technical things, and I’m always building or fixing something. Elizabeth would say I’m the messy one, I say that I’m just misunderstood!

Did I say I like Jazz – well I edit weddings with the music on – usually up loud. I listen to all sorts of music, so feel free to ask me for a playlist!

I like my curry hot, wine red, coffee black and tea green

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Meet Elizabeth
I love my dogs, anything to do with hair and makeup (if you want a long natter start talking makeup), music, dancing and baking. I love being outdoors, discovering new places and meeting new people. Boutique’s and shopping malls are officially outdoors you know! If I can’t plug my GHD’s in it’s officially an emergency!

I’m the office boss…Yes, really I am. I keep Richard in check. I will be looking after your booking, and making sure that everything runs like clockwork. Having spent many years as a wedding planner, I know exactly how to keep things organised, and of course all about weddings. We have worked as a team for a long while now, and it works really well.

Weddings have been a big part of my life for a long time now, and I really take pleasure in making sure that our couples are totally looked after. I’m usually the one blubbing at the wedding photographs when Richard is editing them.

I like my wine sparkling and cold, my music Latin, my tea white and my nails OPI!

Meet Rosie and Louis
Our lovely dogs. They are Basset Fauve de Bretagne’s crossed with Monkeys; the pair of them are inseparable. They are both as mad as a box of frogs and totally loving.

Rosie is the official office tart, an attention seeker, full of character and energy, always where she shouldn’t be, and a little bundle of fun.

Rosie loves being nosy, snuggling on a lap, and going out for long walks

Louis is the office delinquent, a typical teenager. Like Rosie, full of character and quite deviant.

Louis loves nicking things – tissues, food. He is totally food orientated. Loves his walks, especially loves a muddy puddle or ditch.