The best time of the year to get married in Cyprus

Couples get married all year round in Cyprus; the main season runs between April and late October

April is cooler and often the climate is precipitous, however compared to the UK, April is generally lovely. The weather in Cyprus during May is very nice, and you will generally have little chance of rain, May is a lovely month to get married in Cyprus. In June things start warming up, but everything is still very pleasant

If you like your weather hot, then July and August are your main months. Expect temperatures to be in the late thirties and occasionally into the early forties. Just like getting married in the Caribbean, but less humid

Things on the heat front are calming down in September and October – both months are really nice months for getting married in Cyprus

So if your are a sun lover, and you love the heat, then aim for the middle of the season, if you prefer it to be nice and warm, then may, June, September and October are for you

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun

Bear in mind that the time of day can make a big difference to your wedding day in Cyprus. Things are governed somewhat by local officials and hotels. Book early and try to get a choice of a slot. If you marry at 11am you may have a very gappy day, which some couples love. If you marry later in the day, say at 4 o’clock, then bearing in mind the timings of sunsets, and wedding breakfasts – things will feel cramped and squished in

Us photographers love the light at dawn and dusk. I guess getting you up at dawn is out of the question, so it is worth thinking about how to make your timings work for the beautiful evening light in Cyprus

Getting married in Cyprus between say 2.30 and 3.30pm is the best of both words. You have avoided the mid day sun, and you still have lots of time to enjoy with your guests afterwards